EPSY 5601 Summer First Test Study Guide

EPSY 5601: Study Guide for the First Test

Research Designs (2 questions)
Given a study description, identify which of the following research designs was used: Correlational, Historical, Qualitative, Single Subject, Action, and Content Analysis Design
Ethics (2 questions)
Understand informed consent and when it is required
Understand rules governing deception
Single Subject Design (4 questions)
Interpret a single subject design graph and its components
Understand the various single subject designs (e.g.. ABA)
Historical Research (2 questions)
Differentiate between primary and secondary sources
Differentiate between internal and external criticism
Qualitative Research (4 questions)
Apply the following qualitative terms: key informant, member check, peer debriefing, gate keeper, data saturation, audit check, triangulation, snowballing, grand tour questions, and rich-thick descriptions.
Differ between the five types of qualitative research: ethnography, narrative, phenomenological, grounded theory, and case study
Correlation (8 questions)
Understand the strength and direction of a correlation
Interpret scatterplots
Write null, alternative, and research answer (like homework)
Interpret data presented on a correlation table
Survey Research (2 questions)
Identify studies with cross-sectional and longitudinal (panel, cohort, trend) survey research designs
Sampling (7 questions)
Understand the importance, bias, and steps in sampling
Identify simple random, stratified random, systematic, and cluster random sampling
Use a random number table

Determine the needed sample size from data displayed on the Sample Size Calculator
Interpret confidence intervals from a newspaper story that reports polling results
Variables (2 questions)
Identify independent and dependent variables
Measurement Scales (2 questions)
Distinguish between nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio measurement scales